Our Story

Kicks Of Chicago was started back in 2017 during a coding camp in San Francisco. At the time, I was about to begin my junior year of high school and was really starting to get into shoes because of the growing basketball sneaker culture in Chicago. During my free-time at the coding camp, I was looking into many different creative, emerging fields because of the extensive hours of Youtube I was watching in hopes of getting inspiration for an app for my final project. One day I stumped upon a sneaker customization video. I watched dozens of different people customizing their shoes, fascinated on how they could turn an all-white Air Force into something amazing no one else could have.

Before my trip, I was given a few hundred dollars to wisely use to live off during my entire stay, but I was doing a great job of saving and had some to use for myself. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally start building my sneaker collection and what other way then to get a brand new pair of customs to start. I contacted a few sneaker customizer on Instagram, requesting to purchase an Air Max 90 "Kanye West Graduation" inspired custom. However, when these customizers got back to me with a price, they were outrageously high so I decided that I would be able to do it myself because I have competed and won multiple art competitions in the past.

The next week after my classes, I spent time learning and ordering the proper materials to make my first custom. I decided to start small and do an Air Force 1 "Blue Drip" as my first design instead of the Kanye Wested Air Maxes I originally was planning to purchase. When I successfully finished my pair I posted it on my SnapChat. One of my friends at the camp instantly offered to purchase it and I went along with it. A big shoutout to my man, Atticus, for being my first ever customer. 

During the remainder of my trip In San Francisco I had a few friends ask me to do some simple customs for them that I gladly accepted. However, when camp was over I flew back to Chicago and did not get to customize for too long afterwards because my high school basketball season was starting. However, during the summer of 2019, I decide to start back up and take it seriously after people began asking more often if I still did customs.

Now if you told me when I first started customizing that I would be doing shoes for NBA and G-League players, TikTok influencers, and A-List producers I would have never believed you.

I would personally love to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Kicks Of Chicago throughout its journey. Thank you to everyone for allowing me to put my heart and soul into creating the perfect pair for you to rock!